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Creating a MongoDB database


For simplicity and compatibility, we recommend using mLab with the Free plan. If you intend to have a lot of traffic you can also setup a dedicated database

[Option 1] Creating an mLab database

  1. Head over to mLab and create an account

Make sure to verify your email, if you don't then it won't allow you to create a database

  1. Click on Create new in the upper right corner
  2. Select Sandbox and then click Continue

    New deployment

    New deployment

  3. Select your preferred region and click Continue

  4. Enter injectify as the database name, click Continue and then Submit order
  5. Click on your new database and select Users and then Add database user

    Add database user

    Add database user

  6. Choose a username and password and click Create (make sure read-only is left unchecked)

[Option 2] Setting up a dedicated MongoDB database